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Phone Consultations

Perfect for health practitioners that are looking for a second opinion on a difficult case. Foot pain can be contributed to many factors. Information available can be confusing at best. This 30 minute phone call can be helpful to run through your case with a specialist.

In Person appointments

Dr. Conley and Dr. Perez hold office hours in Golden, CO at Total Health Solutions. If you are local or would like to travel for an in person appointment, please call the office at (303)278-2623 to schedule.

Virtual Consultation

We offer virtual consultations for patients who are unable to come to our office in Golden, CO. The inital consultation is 50 minutes utilizing Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. Prior to the live consultation we will analyze pictures/videos preferably through HUDL technique app. During the consultation we will be performing movement assessments as well as biomechanical and gait analysis. Following the appointment you will receive the following: PDF of your foot/gait analysis, recommended corrective exercise strategies, and footwear recommendations.

Follow up consultations

We will discuss status, progression of exercise protocols, and review any videos, and/or pictures that are sent. PDF will be provided on progression recommendations.